I can't recommend Dallas Day School enough. They helped to shape our daughter into a responsible, respectful, and more than ready for kindergarten child.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are your hours of operation?

7:00 am – 6:30 pm, Monday through Friday.


Q. What ages do you serve?
Dallas Day School serves children ages 6 weeks through 6 years.


Q. Are children required to be vaccinated?

Although the minimum standards allow for certain exemptions, Dallas Day School has, in the interests of everyone’s health, chosen to require standard childhood vaccinations.


Q. Do you take children with disabilities?

Yes, we welcome children with disabilities.  However, because of funding, we cannot accept children requiring a continuous 1 on 1 staffing ratio or are medically fragile.   The school requires a pre-enrollment meeting to ensure that DDS is the best place for the child.  Once admitted, the school works with any therapists, etc. the family has engaged.

Q. How are nursing mothers accommodated?

Dallas Day School believes it the health and emotional benefits of nursing.  Consequently, we provide nursing mothers a “lounge.”  Of course, mothers who prefer may nurse in the classroom.

Q. Can parents visit their child’s classroom?

Yes, Dallas Day School has an open-door policy. However, please be aware that the teacher will generally not be available to visit or have “child-specific” conversations.

Q. Is playtime/outdoor time available?

Yes. Our school is equipped with 4 areas for outdoor playing and learning.  Weather permitting, children are outside at least once in the morning and once in the afternoon.  Generally, one of the sessions is “structured” in which the teacher may incorporate the outdoors into the lesson (e.g., using leaves to talk about plant life).  The second session is generally unstructured.  This allows children to begin to explore on their own.

Q. What, if any, enhancements are provided and is there a separate charge for these enhancements?  

Currently, Dallas Day School provides Spanish language instruction beginning in the infant rooms.  Beginning about 2 ½ years of age, we provide small group pull-out sessions in literacy, math and science.  There is not charge for these enhancements.  DDS may, in the future, consider fee-based enhancements.


Q. Are any field trips offered?

Dallas Day School does not offer external field trips.  We have partnered with various groups (Dallas Fire Department, The Perot Museum, the Arboretum, etc.) to bring the experience to the school.


Q. Are meals and snacks provided?

Yes, the school provides a nutritious breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack.  Parents are permitted to send food from home if preferred.  Please be advised that Dallas Day School is a NUT-FREE campus.  Please check to see that the food item being sent contains no nuts and was not processed in facilities/machines that also process nuts.  Some of our children have severe allergies and even a hint of nut dust can be dangerous.  

Q. What do I need to bring?

The short answer is that it depends upon the classroom and the age of the child.  Shortly, before the child’s first day, the family will receive a welcome note from the child’s teachers.  In this note, the teachers will outline what is needed for that classroom.  Whatever is brought from home must be labeled.  Consider purchasing labels from a website like InchBugName Bubbles or Baby Face Band.

Q. What is the curriculum?
Dallas Day School uses Creative Curriculum/Teaching Strategies Gold.  The philosophy behind the curriculum is that young children learn best by doing.  The most important goal of the curriculum is to help your children become enthusiastic learners.  This means encouraging children to be active and creative explorers who are not afraid to try out their own ideas and to think their own thoughts.  This system allows teachers to build an electronic portfolio for each child, which includes observation notes and assessment data.  For more information about the curriculum, look here: The Creative Curriculum for Preschool Touring Guide


Q. What training do your teachers have?

Dallas Day School teachers bring a wide array of professional training.  Some have Masters’ degrees, some have Bachelors’ degrees.  Others have completed the Child Development Associate ( a nationally recognized child care credential). In addition, teachers are provided ongoing training throughout the year on a variety of topics (e.g., behavior management, age-specific child development, curriculum, engaging children in the learning process, etc.).


Q. How do I find out more about Dallas Day School?
We are glad you are interested in finding out more about our school. You may schedule an appointment by calling 214-828-9800.